Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damn Grimnir

I've always loved slayers. To be honest I really have. But I have been wanting to tank. Not to MDPS. Unfortunately since I checked out Grimnir's Grudge I have fell in love with slayers all over again, but I must fight the desire to play one.

I must stand by Asvaldr, for he is my chosen.

P.S. Damn awesome slayers


  1. Slayers require a ton of support to be effective in a brawl. Once they get going they get really squishy really fast.

    My Chosen is one of my most enjoyable Destro toons. He's crazy defensive spec and earned all of his Lesser wards as a main tank for Bastion Stair. I think I started running Blood/Bile at renown rank 29 or something silly. Stick with him, it gets better.